Certificate in Knowledge of Policing

About these qualifications

The Certificate in Knowledge of Policing is a new qualification which formally accredits the Pre-Join Knowledge Curriculum.

It comprises 10 assessment units which externally accredit the knowledge and understanding units of the Diploma (7467-03) in Policing qualification. These 10 units are smaller than the full units of the Diploma, being knowledge without application in the work place. Thus the Technical Certificate is a part of the Diploma in Policing; not an additional requirement.

Who are they for?

The development of the Professional Entry Framework has the flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of candidates and better suit the needs of more diverse groups. These might include:

What's involved in studying this course?

Completion of the Technical Certificate can only be achieved by Students demonstrating, through formal assessment, their knowledge and understanding of the Induction, Operational and Legislation, Policy and Guidelines (LPG) modules of the national Pre-Join Knowledge Curriculum. This can be delivered through a variety of methods self-study, classroom activity and completion of assignments, some under examination conditions.

Which careers can this lead to?

Entry into the Police Force i.e. Police Constable (subject to interview).

What Guarantees are there?

There are no guarantees of employment following completion of this course.

The Level 3 Certificate In Knowledge of Policing is a compulsory prior entry requirement of any individual wishing to join the police force.

Although you may still be eligible to join the police service if you have minor convictions/cautions, there are certain offences and conditions that will make you ineligible. If you are at all unsure, contact your chosen force for more information.

What is the Cost?

Cost range from 900 - 999 including VAT dependant on eligibility for partial funding.

How to Register

Please send an email to police.knowledge@outsourcetraining.org or call 08455 199 455 to register your details.

We will be running courses in Central London from March 2013.

A member of the team will then be in contact