The Outsource apprenticeship programmes are aimed at candidates in an operational role. They can be delivered at different levels which can take varying levels of time:
  • Intermediate Level Apprenticeships – Level 2 equivalent to GCSEs (12 months)

  • Advanced Level Apprenticeships – Level 3 equivalent to A-levels (12 to 15 months)

  • Higher Apprenticeships – Level 4 plus equivalent to Degree (15+ months)

We provide a comprehensive range of apprenticeship programmes

Apprenticeship programmes are offered in business administration, finance and IT. These skills are essential in all roles and organisations. Programmes will be tailored to individual job roles and responsibilities. This Apprenticeship is about playing an important support role within a business or organisation. Effective administration is the key to a successful business, it requires organisation of day to day tasks within the office, that all play a part to the effective running of the business.

As a business and administration apprentice, your duties will depend on your employers requirements. It’s likely that you’ll be working with a team or member of staff to handle various tasks. You may be typing up board meeting documents, putting financial information together in spreadsheets, sending the daily post, or faxing and photocopying confidential documents. This sort of work requires a strong sense of responsibility, accuracy and attention to detail.

One of the great things about business and administration is that you can work almost anywhere. With your transferable skills, you could be working in a record company or a charity. Administration roles are also an excellent starting point to move into management once you have more experience.

Job Roles

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship

  • Administrator / Business Support Officer
  • Office Junior
  • Receptionist
  • Junior Legal Secretary
  • Junior Medical Secretary
  • Medical Receptionist

Advanced Level Apprenticeship

  • Administration Officer / Executive
  • Administration Team Leader / Office Supervisor
  • Personal Assistant
  • Secretary
  • Legal Secretary
  • Medical Secretary

Higher Apprenticeship

  • Office Manager
  • Administration Team Leader
  • Personal Assistant
  • Business Development Executive

Most businesses use IT to keep track of finances, manage customer relationships, and support the rapid processing of orders and enquiries, control stock. Outsource Training and Development delivers programmes at level 2 as an apprenticeship.

The qualification involves employees applying knowledge and understanding of:

  • How to produce information that is clear and appropriate
  • Operating a computer
  • IT troubleshooting for users
  • Internet and intranets
  • E-mail
  • Word Processing – Spreadsheets, Databases, Presentations, the use of bespoke or specialist software

This programme underlines the importance of supplying quality service when dealing with internal or external customers and ensuring that customer needs are effectively met. This programme supports the need to retain customers and increase the amount of business they bring to your organisation.

There is a wide choice of optional areas of assessment allowing us to tailor an individual programme to standardise customer service delivery within your organisation. It can also encourage innovation resulting in improving service and efficiency. In the advanced apprenticeship, participants will be required to bring about improvements in effectiveness, efficiency and individual and/or team performance regarding customer service.

Underpinning knowledge is tested against:

  • Impression and Image
  • Delivery of Service
  • Customer Service Foundations
  • Handling Problems
  • Development and Improvement

In order to further develop participants skills levels the following areas are aimed at a higher level:

  • Making customer service personal
  • Going the extra mile in customer service
  • Dealing with customers in writing or using ICT
  • Delivering customer service on your customer’s premises
  • Recognising diversity when delivering customer service
  • Understanding customer service to improve service delivery
  • Knowing the rules to follow when developing customer service
  • Using customer service as a competitive tool
  • Applying risk assessment to customer service
  • Leading a team to improve customer service

Apprenticeship programmes are offered in Marketing which allows learners to learn, develop and practice the skills required for employment and/or career progression in the marketing sector.

Level 2 focuses on introducing learners to core marketing activities such as marketing research and building customer relationships. To keep pace with the latest developments in marketing learners also focus on areas such as digital marketing and understanding the crucial relationship between sales and marketing.

Level 3 builds on the skills and knowledge acquired at level 2 allowing the learner to demonstrate greater autonomy in completing tasks, organising activities and contributing to decision making.

Programmes will be tailored to individual job roles and responsibilities. In order to achieve these qualifications participants will be expected to demonstrate that they can competently meet several units, including the following:

  • Principles of marketing theory
  • Principles of market research
  • Understanding the relationship between sales and marketing
  • Principles of digital marketing

Apprenticeship programmes are offered in Advice and Guidance. This qualification is aimed at those who work directly with clients, providing advice, disseminating information and giving some guidance. They will be working within clear guidelines dealing with information that often needs to be adapted and interpreted for the client. Programmes will be tailored to individual job roles and responsibilities. In order to achieve these qualifications participants will be expected to demonstrate that they can units including the following:

  • Establish Communication with Clients
  • Support Clients to Make Use of the Advice and Guidance Service
  • Understand Importance of Legislation and Procedures
  • Negotiate on Behalf Clients
  • Liaise with Other Services
  • Operate Within Networks

Our management programmes can fulfil a range of different needs. The Team Leading programme is an ideal starting point for supervisors and managers that have recently been promoted to a managerial position and have responsibility for managing team members. This qualification also acts as a good stepping stone for those identified as potential team leaders and supervisors of the future.

Core areas of assessment include:

  • Providing leadership for your team
  • Developing relationships with colleagues
  • Managing your own resources
  • Health and Safety

The ability to manage staff performance and the successful completion of tasks are critical to gaining this qualification. Outsource Training and Development can provide all the mentoring, coaching and training needed to achieve this award and to develop your people.

Employees who have at least twelve months experience in a management role would benefit from completing the Management award. This programme covers a range of management activities, including:

  • Leadership and direction
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Delegation
  • Planning and implementing change
  • Building and managing teams
  • Effective communication, improving customer service
  • Managing a budget
  • Taking effective decisions
  • Managing a project

Participants must be already working in a team leading, supervisory or management role. At the initial assessment stage we will work with the employee and employer to identify any areas of development and will ensure that support is given to address these needs. We can deliver on-site workshops to groups undertaking the management qualification and conduct one to one coaching sessions for the individuals.

These units are aimed at a higher level and usually undertaken by a senior manager.

  • Manage business processes
  • Manage resources
  • Develop personal networks
  • Make effective decisions
  • Providing leadership in areas of responsibility
  • Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, ethical and social requirements
  • Build organisational understanding of market and customers
  • Manage finance for area of responsibility
  • Manage physical resources

Within this sector there are several different programmes dealing with the movement of goods; importing, exporting and distribution, transport operations, or the movement of people through an airport or transport hub such as ticketing, baggage handling to managing customers.

Each programme focuses on the specific elements related to the job role. The International Logistics Operations covers areas such as obtaining information on goods and selecting appropriate methods of transport, arranging transport by either road, air, sea or rail, processes all documentation and handling customs documentation accurately as well as managing customer service and financial arrangements.

The Transport Operations includes co-ordinating transportation, records, staff, problem solving, meeting customer needs, organising and prioritising work, meeting deadlines, dealing with documentation and service providers.

The Aviation programmes focus on areas such as baggage operations, ticketing and ground operations. The programmes will cover meeting and exceeding customer needs internally and externally, dealing with documentation, co-ordinating aviation operations on the ground whether ticketing or baggage handling, maintaining and implementing security, health and safety, and resolving problems.

The Distribution programme provides training and assessment covering working with colleagues, operating equipment, maintaining health and safety, keeping stock, handling and picking goods, assembling goods for dispatch, receiving goods, stock control, maintaining records and providing customers with information and advice on goods and services.

Apprenticeship programmes are offered in Retail, Retail (Management) and Retail (Sales Professional). These skills are essential in any Retail organisations. Programmes will be tailored to individual job roles and responsibilities. In order to achieve these qualifications participants will be expected to demonstrate that they can competently:

  • Help customers choose products
  • Maximise product sales
  • Provide information and advice to customers
  • Process customer orders for goods
  • Process payments for purchases
  • Resolve customer service problems
  • Help to manage a retail team
  • Improve customer relationship

The Principles in Sales (available at Intermediate and advanced levels) allows the learner to develop the knowledge and skills required to work in a sales environment.

The NVQ in Sales cover mandatory units in Time Planning, Legal, Regulatory and Ethical requirements and Delivering reliable customer service.

Optional units include:

  • Selling Face to Face
  • Selling By Telephone – Inbound
  • Selling By Telephone – Outbound
  • Processing Sales Orders
  • Preparing and Delivering a Sales Demonstration
  • Generating and Qualifying Sales Leads
  • Meeting Customers – After Sales Needs
  • Communicating Using Digital Marketing/Sales Channels
  • Participate in Meetings
  • Communicate Information and Knowledge

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