Location: Home based and flexible                                                                        

Safeguarding of Learners: This is a regulated position

Purpose and Objectives:

The assessor is responsible for the delivery and timely achievement of apprenticeship programmes to a range of candidates of different age ranges. The role will include high quality assessment planning, monitoring and formal reviewing of the candidate’s progress towards meeting the apprenticeship programme.The assessor is required to manage the training and development of a caseload of candidates to ensure the full framework is achieved timely. The role will involve travel to a range of employer premises to coach and assess candidatesThe assessor will carry out the initial assessment process by effective planning and reviewing of the candidates prior achievements, training needs, candidate and employer needsThe assessor will be required to use e-portfolio and the updating of candidate progress on Maytas

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are in place for this job role. Assessors are required to meet quality standards and achievement of targets set by the company, performance is monitored as part of the organisations quality assurance arrangements.



  1. Provide the Internal Verifier with projected and actual figures on starts, numbers of candidates in training and achievers on a weekly basis
  1. Update and upload candidate progress on a weekly basis to show accurate information on candidate progress and achievements in relation to the apprenticeship programme
  1. Complete and provide evidence to demonstrate candidate progress through work place and remote visits ensuring formal reviews are completed every 10 weeks
  1. Ensure that all candidates that have been endorsed as having an additional learning/social need (ALN/ASN) organise additional support where relevant.
  1. Provide all financial and contractual required documentation within specified timelines detailed in the Operations Manual
  1. Complete all audit actions from the Quality Assurance process within 4 weeks of receiving a detailed action plan
  1. Ensure that expenses are submitted monthly following the procedure in employee handbook, to Internal Verifier for checking and authorisation


  1. Ensure the initial assessment process is completed to the company standard and evidence provided to support candidate office file and funding audits
  1. Ensure all candidates on caseload complete the apprenticeship programme timely and to a high standard, this includes meeting targets for the NVQ, Functional Skills, Technical Certificate, Workshop Attendance, and any candidate documentation required
  1. Work with candidates to achieve the apprenticeship framework by using technology including electronic portfolio and e-learning resources
  1. Assess candidates using a range of assessment methods by developing plans for assessing competence
  1. Judging evidence against set criteria to make effective assessment decisions and provide effective feedback and support to candidates on assessment decisions
  1. Identify, plan and record on the Individual Learning Plan training, assessment, support and achievement for all candidates on caseload in accordance with the operations manual
  1. Maintain a caseload of 60 (full time) candidates that meets the target agreed with the internal verifier
  1. Maintain regular contact with all candidates in line with company guidelines ensuring all non visits or contact is documented and reported to the internal verifier
  1. Complete all relevant assessment paperwork in accordance with the Operations Manual
  2. Ensure all candidates receive a formal review of their progress every 10 weeks involving the candidate, and their line manager. Ensure review complies with company standard and quality, and placed in candidate office file ready for audit
  1. Ensure that health and safety checks are completed for every year in accordance with the operations manual and at the agreed level of frequency for the placement and sector
  1. Contribute to the Internal Quality Assurance Process
  1. Effectively co-ordinate each candidates programme ensuring that training needs are discussed and appropriate opportunities planned with the work-based supervisor. Arrange for candidates to attend planned training at the relevant centre/other local training site
  1. Attend 121 meetings, other meetings and forums as required by the business
  1. Participate in any other reasonable duties/projects as requested by the Internal Verifier or Directors

Account Management:

  1. Identify potential new opportunities and work in partnership with the Directors, Business Development team to progress these opportunities
  1. Meet regularly with candidate employers to discuss new opportunities, and any other requirements.
  1. Provide employers with regular candidate progress reports and ensure employer satisfaction exceeds customer expectations
  1. Feedback any business opportunities to the line manager, the Directors or Business Development Team


Equal Opportunities:

  1. Comply fully with the organisations Equal and Diversity Policies and proactively promote equality of opportunity within the workplace
  1. Ensure that all candidates are provided with a good basic understanding of their rights and responsibilities in terms of equal opportunities and the appropriate methods for dealing with such discrimination (including an awareness of the grievance procedure)
  1. Bring any instances of actual or perceived discrimination, harassment or bullying to the attention of the Director and ensure that this dealt with appropriately
  1. Ensure that the training environment and assessment process are free from discrimination
  1. Ensure that employers/supervisors understand and promote the culture of “safeguarding” of all learners who participate in Outsource training programmes.


  1. Manage time and documentation effectively to complete workload and meet deadlines
  1. Plan, schedule and evaluate own work
  1. Create, maintain and promote good working relationships

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