Supply Chain Fees & Charging Policy

1. Policy:

It is the policy of Outsource Vocational Learning to enter into new subcontracting arrangements only for provision that meets identified gaps within our own provision by skill-set or locations.  We are not actively seeking any additional sub-contractors at this stage.

2. Process:

Subcontracting partners are required to undertake a robust Due Diligence process with Outsource as well the Due Diligence process completed to be included on the Register of Subcontractors with the Agency. Satisfactory references, financial checks and an audit of the sub-contractor processes and systems are required as part of the vetting process.

Outsource will only contract with organisations who have entered the Register.

3. Fees:

Our fees vary subject to the nature of the qualifications being delivered by the sub-contractor, the overall financial viability of the provider, the results of our due diligence work and the overall value of the services being delivered.  Our current fee range is between 5% and 20%

Fees cover:

  • Named contract manager and point of contact for administration, management information and claims
  • Monthly meetings
  • Management Information
  • Claims processing
  • Quality assurance, including observations and support with Self Assessment and Quality Improvement Plans
  • Quality Reviews
  • Sharing best practice, including policies and procedures

Registers of Sub-Contracted Provision


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